Simplifying the Process of Choosing a Meat Slicer

meat slicerAn entry-level commercial food slicer is designed to process different types of food, including meat, fruits and vegetables, and cheese. Does your kitchen need an entry-level machine or something more advanced? If you’re not sure, then let this guide walk you through some of the most important points to consider when buying a meat slicer.

What Kind of Slicer is Best for You?

Take note of the volume of food you need to process when choosing a commercial food slicer. While a less costly option is enough for occasional use, it’s better to go for a heavy-duty machine if you’ll be slicing a number of items every day.

For example, if you’re serving deli meats and business is doing well, then getting a high performance machine is the prudent choice. A cheaper machine will not withstand the rigors of frequent usage. If you are keen on the level of sophistication of the slicer, then skip the entry-level options. Instead, take the time to examine the features of specialty slicers made with forged aluminium or stainless steel.

What Features Should You Look for?

Focus on certain design features and make sure that the machine is worth spending good money on. Check the power capacity of the slicer. You’ll need a more powerful machine if it’s going to be on for almost the whole day. Then, decide whether you’ll be more productive with an automatic slicer or with a manual model.

Another thing to check is the blade size. Larger blades are mainly for all-around slicing, while entry-level slicers have a smaller blade size. Check the carriage size as well, and make sure that the machine accommodates the volume of food you intend to produce.

Lastly, check the safety features and always remember you are purchasing a machine with a sharp blade that could cause someone real injury. It is best to look at machines with a knife guard, gauge plate interlock, and no-volt release features for additional protection.

The right food slicer for your meats, cheese, and fruits and vegetables is important. If you want your operations to meet expectations, then start making a good decision when it comes to the tools you use.