Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Burglar breaking inIn Australia, burglaries happen most frequently on Fridays, and least likely on Sundays. Break-ins are more common during working hours when residents are away at work, during the late afternoon. We can only hope that burglars choose a different home or we can make sure we that we could ours safe.

It is not hard to do – just keeping these few key areas of your exterior helps a lot.

Is your garage door secure?

A reliable and efficient garage door can make all the difference. Burglars usually eye the garage entry point because it often holds all the tools they can use. Consult your local remote specialist for remotes security coded that are difficult to copy or crack.

Merlin garage remotes are a reliable choice available countrywide. If your budget allows, opt for garage door openers that you can monitor and receive alerts when away from home.

Trim your shrubs

Bushes and trees make good places for burglars to hide or stake out your daily routine. Prune your bushes and trim back overgrown vegetation, so your porch and door are visible to your neighbours.

Keep your street number visible

The Australian Police recommends reflective house numbers; only so it is readily visible to emergency vehicles to provide assistance quickly when necessary. Always make sure your street number remain uncovered with wet leaves or in position blocked by a parked vehicle.

The precious few minutes saved looking for your house number could save lives when it matters.

Lock the fuse box at all times

Your neighbourhood locksmith can fit locks accessible to your electricity meter reader. Locking your fuse box is important to prevent burglars from attempting to disarm your alarm and shut down your lights.

Keep fences and gates at eye level

If your neighbours can spot them, they can help deter them by calling the police. Keep your fences lower. High gates and fences will only help hide the people while they are breaking into your home.

These are the obvious few areas of your home that can provide intruders the time and cover for them to practise their trade. They may be obvious, and a few quick checks will give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.