Put a Bee on Their Bonnets: Brilliant Party Favour Ideas

childrenCheap toys, candies, and other useless junk—you do not want those things inside your child’s birthday goodie bag. When you are planning your baby’s birthday party, do not waste your money and time on party favours that would most likely end up in the bin.

Skip the traditional goodie bags for your little one’s birthday party, because here are some of the freshest party favour ideas that your guests will surely love.

Photo Cupcakes

One thing kids love more than chocolate is cake. Getting a personalised one, such as photo birthday cakes, as your kid’s party favour would be a blast not only for your child, but for the guests as well.

Kids prefer smaller-sized cakes, such as cupcakes—these are easier to bring home than a slice of regular cake. It also allows the kids to enjoy a small amount of sweet without having to throw the rest away.

Eat Your Photo suggests not to choose common pictures like favourite kids characters for your photo cake. Even though kids like Ben 10, Batman, and Snow White, choosing them for your photo cupcake may not look so unique and special anymore.


Children go crazy over bubbles. According to Early Childhood News, bubbles are not only fun, easy to use, and ever changing; bubbles also involve learning. It is great to provide children with something fun, and something to help them develop self-concept as well.

Customised bubble containers make great party favours. They are inexpensive and easily customisable as well. Print out personalised labels and stick them on the container—surely, mothers will be thanking you for weeks.

Tree Cups

Teacups make perfect pots for little crepe myrtle trees. Tree cups are perfect as party favours, and even gifts. They are also very easy to do. Just put a thin layer of gravel in the cups, plant topiaries in the soil, and cover the surface with moss. Place them near a window and water when dry. This will surely make your child’s birthday an extremely memorable one.

Party favours may seem to belong at the bottom of the list of things you need for your child’s birthday. But they are a way to thank the guests for taking the time to celebrate with your little one so make sure the souvenirs are just as special. If you are the kind of mum who does not have so much time to buy everything, have the bubbles, teacups, or birthday cakes delivered.