Microsoft Windows 8 Phone – Ready to Battle the Android

In line with the premiere of the Surface, Microsoft is rolling out yet another device to compete against leading mobile phone manufacturers. The world’s largest software maker announced plans to release a new version of the Windows Phone program in handsets later this year – part of a revitalized effort to grab a market share of the Apple and Google-device dominated market.

The Windows Phone 8, due out this fall has the same core software as the Windows 8 operating system for PCs and the newest tablet, Surface. Microsoft holds only a small 2.2% of the mobile phone OS market and it is looking to change those figures with the release of Windows 8.

“Windows 8 is a significant improvement. It brings the capabilities up to par with Android,” said Al Hiwa, an analyst at IDC.

Apart from Nokia, other manufacturers with deals to carry the software include giants HTC and Samsung. This is a big leap, considering that both identify to most people as Google devices. Other big changes are in line, including the switch from Bing Maps to a new program, and the rolling out of apps including favorites like Words with Friends and Draw Something. This massive shakeup is part of Microsoft’s attempt to augment a slow rise in shares and gains in the stock market.

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