Kiss with confidence again with dental implants

Dental Implants False teeth. They’re not very sexy, are they? Maybe your long-term partner who’s already loved you for donkey’s years won’t mind if you lose some teeth and replace them with removable false ones. But in the world of dating, they are a big turn off. Which is why, if you are out there looking for true love, then investing in dental implants is going to go a long way to finding it. Or at least they’ll successfully get you past the first kiss. The reason dental implants are such a good idea is that they are fixed into the jawbone, so they can’t wobble around or fall out.

Dental implants are placed during a minor surgical procedure, which needs to be performed by a dentist who has been specially trained. If you live in Hampshire, you can get dental implants by paying a visit to Dental Implants Hampshire.

Your implant journey

Before you get dental implants you will need to have a thorough examination to make sure that your jawbone is strong and healthy enough to cope with the implants. This is because the implants replace the missing tooth root and as such, need to be able to sustain a lot of pressure from chewing.

Once your dentist has determined that your jaw is healthy enough for implants, you will be booked in for your surgery. During surgery the dentist will cut through the gum and sculpt special sockets with a drill, into which the implants will be placed. It sounds painful, but there are not as many nerve endings in the jawbone as there are in teeth, so the feeling is more one of pressure than pain. Most people can therefore undergo the procedure on a local anaesthetic alone.

The area around the implants needs to heal and the jawbone to mesh with implant, before artificial teeth can be attached. This can take several weeks to months.

The artificial teeth are handmade from porcelain by technicians experienced in making life-like teeth. The colour and shape are matched to resemble your own natural teeth, so that the implants blend in and no one, least of all your new date, will suspect that those teeth of yours are not real.